Arriving to Socotra in airplane or from the sea, the first glance to mountains of the island could makes to think that only expert hikers you and trains will be able to practice to you trekking. It is not therefore! In order to know until in bottom the beauties of the island you do not have to get lost one on foot walk between mountains of the island. It is not particularly necessary to be it trains to you and it equips to you, the chosen route from your guide will respect your demands. To those people it fascinates to you from the unexplored regions, the island of Socotra offers covered of trekking with sights without breath. In the immense region of the "Higher Mountains" and the "Dicksam plateau" the possibilities of trekking limitless and arechosen based on the demands and to the abilities to the participants. Also the regions of: Scant, Tinnera, Firmihin, Dersmotin are famous destinations much between the trekkers, therefore like the Ayhaft Canyon and the plateau of Momi. Other interesting distances find in the part south orient them of the island. We always advise you of being accompanies from a local guide in how much the paths to you are not marks to you in some way.