Socotra Tour Adventure 11 Days

Day 1: Arrival at socotra airport - Transfer to the hotel in the capital of the Island Hadibo - Drive to Wadi Dingehen - Back to Hadibo for lunch drive After noon to Delisha beach. Dinner and over night are at Hadibo hotel and restaurant.

Day 2: Hadibo - Drive to Dicksam plateau (approx.900m.above the see ) - start trekking among Higeher Ranges Mountains for 5-6 hours till we reach the protected area of Scand (approx.1450m.above the see ). Dinner and overnight camping are at Scand PA. (in total 6 hours trekking, actually it seems to be very tough job but, indeed it is not that much and you will enjoy a lot and feel that worth the efforts).

Day 3: In the morning we start hiking down for 2 hours among Higeher Ranges Mountains till we meet camels - we carry on Rocab Fermhen for 4 hours trekking and hiking slightly down to Deresmoten village .Dinner and overnight are camping in Deresmoten village.

Day 4: From Deresmoten we welk through the forest of dragoon's blood tree and we continue to the cars road -cars meet - transfer to De erhur canyon -swimming in the fresh swimming pool - Drive to Omak beach in south of the island, enjoy swimming in Indian Ocean and walking along cost line. Dinner and overnight are camping at Omak beach. (A new campsite is establishing so ,probably in next year it will be organized otherwise we could setup our tents).

Day 5: Omak beach - visiting Degub Cave - driving among the pristine sands of Hayf and Zahig desrt - Wadi Difarhu - Drive Homhil protected area (approx.850m.above the see). Dinner and overnight are camping at Homhil PA campsite.

Day 6: Homhil PA-Wadi alshifa (hiking down for 2 hours) - cars meet - Drive to east to ArAr beach. Dinner and overnight are camping at ArAr beach.

Day 7: Ar Ar beach - Ras Irssl sandy beach - back to Ar Ar beach. . Dinner and overnight are camping at ArAr beach.

Day 8: From Ar Ar beach drive to Hog cave - start hiking up for two hours till we arrive at the gate of the cave, one hour and half exploring inside the cave ,and more one hour to hike down to meet the cars. Optional. We drive to the marine protected area of Dihamri. Dinner and overnight are at Dihamri MPA campsite.

Day 9: Dihamri - Hadibo - Qalansyia - Detwah lagoon PA. Dinner and overnight are camping at Detwah lagoon PA.

Day 10: Detwah lagoon PA - Shuab beach (local boat excursion) - dolphins spots-Shuab beach - back to Detwah lagoon launch - Drive to turtle beach - Hadibo. Dinner and overnight are at Hadibo Hoteland Restaurant in.

Day 11: Transfer to Socotra Airport - take off to the mainland.