The package tours

Itinerary one Socotra Standard Tour 7 Days

Day 1: On arrival at socotra airport after loading all the luggage on the cars, we will transfer directly to Dicksam plateau and Shebahon viewpoint this area is renowned for the native Dragoon blood trees (Dracaena Cinnabara),the resin of which is collected, used, and traded by the people of Socotra. Many varied panoramic colors can be seen in this area is also home to the endemic and rare Socotra bunting (estimated at 1,000 paris). The Shebahon viewpoint gives a fabulous vista to a forest of dragoon blood trees and overlooking to Dearher canyon where we will see unusual yet beautiful rock formations. We will then make our way down to the wadi in the canyon for lunch and an easy-going walk and maybe also to swim in the freshwater pools in the wadi. We continue our way south to Indian Ocean. Our destination is Omaqbeach where we can swim in the clear water of the Indian Ocean. Dinner and overnight are camping at Omak beach. (A new campsite is establishing so, probably in next year it will be organized otherwise we could setup our tents).

Day 2: After witnessing a magnificent sunrise and having an early breakfast we will drive to the north east of the island. But first we will have a short visit to Digab cave, which overlooks a scattering of traditional villages blow. The cave itself isof interest as there are many stalactites, stalagmites and miniature pools of water that have seeped through the rock over time. We will then witness the colossal sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek villages which have been pushed up against the mountainside by the seasonal winds of Socotra. If you are feeling especially fit, you can climb the dunes for view that is truly worth the effort. We carry on our way passing through Difarhu canyon where we can see traditional villages and natural water pools at thebottom of the canyon. The unusual Desert Rose tree clings to many places on the canyon walls. Then we will make our way to Homhil protected area the land of Frankincense trees. Visiting Frankincense forest the ancient forest of Arabic gum. Then visit Homhil viewpoint over look the eastern cost and natural water pool. We will be hosted in the campsite dinner and overnight are camping at Homhil campsite.

Day 3: After early breakfast we make our way hiking down to Wadi Alshifa 2 hours where the cars can meet us then driving to Arher beach, which is a meeting point of fresh water from the mountain and salt water from the sea. Arher is also home to another magnificent sand dune.. if you are feeling especially fit, you can climb the dunes for viewthat is truly worth the effort. And also there are some caves to explore at face of the mountain; one of them is full of water. So the remainder of the day is for swimming and exploration of this location.

Day 4: Today we make our way to Ras Erssl sand dunes beach where we can swim in the Arabian sea and walk along the same time as witnessing the a lot of Craps nests. In Ras Erssl we will have viewpoint for the meeting point of the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean at the end of the Island, by the way we will see fishing local boats and some of the fisher men can be witness with fresh fish. After that going back to Arher beach to have lunch. Enjoy swimming andclimbing the sand .Dinner and overnight are camping at Arhar beach.

Day 5: An adventure geared up again , after early breakfast we will drive to HogCave toexplore 2,5 km of underground history. Start hiking up for one hour and half till we arrive at the gate of the cave, one hour and half exploring inside the cave. Walking a long and holds a wealth of Socotri history. Inside we can witnessing stalactites, stalagmites and a rim pool. Ancient writing on the cave walls and also what appears to be a picture of an old trading ship have been preserved over the ages by a calcite glaze. There is also evidence to suggest that the cave was used for ritual purposes by the presence of mysterious alters. In late afternoon we will drive to the marine protected area of Dihamri (coral reef spot) look under water you will be astonished when you observe the variation of fishes and coral reefs the many marine creatures to be seen whilst swimming /snorkelling include; parrotfish, Moray eel, Rays, Sea urchins, ect. Dinner and overnight are campingat Dihamri MPA campsite.

Day 6: After witnessing a magnificent sunrise and having an early breakfast we will drive to Hadibo visiting the old market, continue our tour to the west aiming Qalansyia to look around this charming and picturesque fishing town with its traditional houses and narrow alley ways. After having lunch in the wadi of Qalansyia under palm trees, we then go to the protected area of Detwah lagoon, enjoy swimming and walking along the beach, in same time as witnessing the sun down sinking in the sea. Dinner and overnight are at the campsite of Detwah lagoon .

Day 7: In the dawn we will take a local fishing boat into the sea. Our excursion will incorporate witnessing many Dolphins leaping around the and squadrons of Socotra Communions, sea gulls and Grey herons. We'll carryon all theway through a magnificent rock faces and clear until we arrive to Shuab Beach. The most beautiful sand doyen beach in the island. After enjoying swimming wedrive the boat back to Qalansyia. Our journey about coming to the end, we make our last stopover to Ayhaft Canyon and thenwe backto the hotel in Hdibo. Dinner and overnight at the hotel and restaurant .

Day 8: After early breakfast we will transfer to Socotra air port.