Boat Trips

A local boat “Horri” 40 horses speed bullied for fishing. You can take one of or organized tours and be taken to incomparable destinations.

Shouab beach: a half day tour to discover the beauty of Shouab beach. With the clear water and white sands you can snorkel and relax. Whilst driving the boat, dolphins groups can be witness and lopping right next to the boat. Whale and Dolphins spotting safaris:

because of its unique location in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea the Island of Socotra is blessed with a very special event: the presence of visiting whales and Dolphins, which has only recently been recognized as another asset to this beautiful holiday destination.

The year 2005 was an extraordinary year with regard to the number of whales and Dolphins spotted in the waters surrounding the island. But after the Tsunami a number not a little of whales and dolphins drifted up and seen dead in the western coastal line where some species took up residence there before.

Just about five kilometers off the shore of Qalansiya, taking anexcursion to the marvelous of Shouab beach, Hundreds of dolphins bevies with the crystal water of Shouab beach and on most of thedays these ocean going creatures are swimming by- right on your boat. And if luck stand by you... you will be rewarded by swimming with the very rare ocean dolphins which is common to see in the water of Socotra.

Fishing activity

is recently new invented tours on the Island. and due to its eco-system and marine reserves, and being deficient in facilities and conveniences  there area some necessary restriction to be taken in the consideration however, Socotra known as an ideal place for fishing due to its location in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. Socotra fishes exports to world in these days. The majority of the locals on the island are fishermen. If you are looking for a truly fishing experience...Then you should plan your holiday to Socotra Island, trips can be prearranged to join the local fishing men and go out to the sea and familiarize with there traditions means and equipments use like fishing net. With this prime location is known for an excellent climate on the months of February up to April, with breathtaking sceneries and big sized game fishes of Tuna fish, King fish, Barracuda, Sail fish, etc, youwill feel beauty of nature and mixed with the real adventure.

As the waters surrounding the island of Socotra rapidly drop to depths beyond 1,000 m, excellent fishing grounds can befound already within 30 minutes after leaving the harbor.

Newcomers to this activity will reactive the necessary information as how and when they will get with the fishermen.