Yemen - Socotra, the uncontaminated island

Socotra, marvellous and uncontaminated island on the Indian Ocean, 3600 square metres, is situated 500 km from the Yemeni coast. Socotra is a unique island which opened to tourism only recently.

The island offers a surprising variety of natural beauty: mountains overlooking the sea, plains covered with palm trees and cane-brakes, beaches, limestone plateaux and deep ravines. On the island visitors can find unique animal and vegetables species that give Socotra a primordial look.

More than 800 species of plants have been classified; the most famous is the Dragon Blood Tree whose name is derived from the fact that by carving its trunk it pours out a red resin, it is said by the ancient belief, to be the blood of the dragon. The birds species registered are 140 and every year more are added to the list.

The whole island and its coasts are under the protection of the Yemeni Conservation and Development Authority that declared the island a “Naturally Protected Area” and, in collaboration with the Yemeni Tourism Authority produces a guide for eco tourism.

The inhabitants of the island, friendly, amiable and very hospitable are about 35.000 and have their own culture and language. The coasts are crowded with fishermen mainly of African origin. The Island of Socotra is e real Eden for sea lovers. In the deep water more than 800 different species of coral have been classified together with thousands of fishes and shellfishes.Incredibly colourful coral can be found from 3,5 metres to 25. These waters are suitable also for snorkelling and of great effect due to the numerous fishes and coral.